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Transform your e-portrait into a real book.
The Prestige Book allows you to print all the contents of your e-portrait (with the exception of videos) into the form of an elegant book with a cover and coloured photos.

    •    Illustrated photo cover, title, and author copyrights.
    •    Contents page showing all the areas of the e-portrait.
    •    Printed colour photos along with commentary.
Completion date around 15 days.



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Control your image and story
With the infinate option, Biobble promises to keep your e-portrait forever along with all the information that you have stored in your Biobble account. You can rest assured that your e-portrait will be accessible to future generations and conveyed according to your will- your story as you`ve lived and written it.

Available features with an infinate account:
    •    keeping « eternam » of your e-portrait (except videos)
    •    choosing the publication date of your e-portrait (up to 150 years after subscription)
    •    photo album containing up to 50 photos
    •    password tab protection


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BIOBBLE VIP Biographer

Leave it to the professionals!

With Biobble, you chose the biographer who will tell your story in the best way from our network of biographers who are listed as VIP Biobble. Your biographer will meet you at home or wherever you so choose and set about writing and uploading your personal or professional e-portrait online within 72 hours following the meeting.

With Biobble VIP Service you choose the biographer who will tell your story in the right way.


INFINITE Option is included.



PREMIUM Subscription

12 months subscription to the PREMIUM Services. Including your private url (domain name subscription)

With a premium account, take full advantage of your e-portrait to boost your visibility online, control your image and e-reputation. Your e-portrait will become accessible as an independent site from a URL made up of your name and surname.

Available features with a premium account:
- de-activate advertising from your e-portrait.
- password protected tabs
- add up to 50 photos to your photo album 


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Coach Pro Service

Offer your services as an image coach.

Will you be using your e-portrait professionally?
Our specialist image coaches can help create a presentation that will meet 100% of your expectations and professional objectives. Our coaches will accompany you throughout the writing process of your e-portrait to ensure that it will fully enhance your career, achievements and potential.

How we do it:

Our coaches can completely take over the delivery of VIP by creating the framework with the biographer or work directly with you to help you complete your professional e-portrait. Our coaches will contact you to identify your personality and expectations, then specify the objectives of your e-portrait.
They will continue to be there throughout the writing process until publication so that you are guaranteed to have your ideal presentation/layout.

Areas and ways of stepping in:
•    Development of an e-portrait aimed towards recruiters, their clients or the general public.
•    Control of your image and e-reputation.
•    Enhancement of skills and assets.  
•    Presentation and selection of illustrated images worldwide. 
•    Final say before publication.

Find out about our e-portrait image coaches...


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Grammar and Spelling Package

Looking for an e-portrait that can give the best impression of you?

Creating a true and fair online image is essential. However, the standard of writing is just as important or that no content contains any spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

The 'Grammar and Spelling Pack' gives you the opportunity to have your text corrected by a professional- who can spot the slightest fault, to create a flawless e-portrait.

Available for 1500 words (can be increased if necessary). If you have any queries please feel free to call us on 0820 320 814 (local rates apply).

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