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La Revue Française de Généalogie / April 01, 2011


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Direct Soir / November 22, 2010


logo Direct Soir


Direct Soir published an article on the subject of e-reputation protection at the Web 2.0, where Biobble was regarded as a new alternative to controlling one's image online.

« ...the idea of Biobble, taking the lead, offering everyone a personal showcase and to be in control of it today and forever. A complete profile, studied and established for self-branding (promotion of your online image)...several features stand out; photos and videos that you can add to your page but also the interview... »

France Bleue / October 08, 2010


In her column 'le Bons Plans' Murielle Giordan discusses Biobble e-portraits allowing you to your image on the internet and improving your e-reputation.


«  75% of employers type candidate's names before contacting them for an interview...hence the interest of controlling your e-reputation! To flaunt yourself online...there's Biobble...ideal for making yourself more visible or for someone in your circle to type your name into search engines and will stumble upon your e-portrait first and nothing embarrassing!! The +: Premium offer, averaging on 35€/year: you have your own URL. A website address just for you! With your full name... »


Reputation Squad / September 15, 2010


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France 3 - JT de midi / September 14, 2010


Laurent-Pierre Gilliard, from Aquitaine Europe Communications discussed Biobble's e-portrait concept and the e-biographer service during his « New Technology » segment on JT.


Votre Biographie sur Internet avec Biobble
envoyé par aec. - Vidéos des dernières découvertes scientifiques.

L'Ordinateur Individuel / September 01, 2010


L'Ordinateur Individuel dedicates an article to Biobble in its TOP/FLOP segment: Biobble is rated the TOP opposite French Loisirs which is the FLOP of the month. Taking into account that the magazine tracks the progress of Biobble 's 3rd version of the site which is much clearer and more spacious than the previous...(Biobble) allows you to very easily create your e-portrait...the service is free but to access all the options it`s better to opt for the Premium option.


France 2 - Télématin / August 27, 2010


 Alexandre Jardel is invited by Laura Tenoudji to discuss the problems facing e-reputation and solutions which an e-portrait by Biobble can offer by creating and controlling your image online.



Le Billautshow / June 29, 2010


Alexandre Jardel was invited to Billautshow to unveil the all-new version of the Biobble website, e-portrait and long term existance.

Find the article, interview and commentary on JMB blog by clicking here.


... le tout conservé à perpétuité (si vous le désirez) from Jean Michel Billaut on Vimeo.

La Provence / June 17, 2010


Biobble is quoted in a special « Overview of last minute summer jobs » in La Provence newspaper. Find the article...


Le Midi Libre / October 19, 2009


Laurent Grima, Biobble's official VIP biographer is the subject of an article in Midi Libre. The biography library is free to consult but all users can lock their account and allow only those who they want to access it. « The user decides to develop their account as they want it and to share it with who they want to. Their data is kept forever » emphasises Laurent Grima -reference biograper for Herault on Biobble. Find this complete...

Le Point / February 05, 2009


Pascal Mateo draws up a series of Neo Bordelais profiles, including that of Alexandre Jardel. «  He landed in Bordeaux in 2004. In his heart, the desire to create an innovative business. Named Biobble, the company in question today allows the anonymous to be remembered by having their biography written and published on the internet... » Discover the rest of the article... / January 17, 2009


Alexandre Jardel presents the idea of Biobble infront of the cameras of Tivipro. «  We have just launched the V2...full of new features, the option to upload videos, anecdotes and life stories, a trip, to create clubs, which is a first for this type of social network...We are seeking partnerships and press coverage...We would like our sponsorship file to be reconsidered by the Ministry of Culture.

20 minutes - édition Suisse / April 05, 2007


The Swiss edition of 20mins made a nod to Biobble, a site where your biography could feature « alongside Andy Warhol, George Sand or even Segolene Royal. The site promises to keep your biography forever »

Sud-Ouest / March 29, 2007


Guillemette Bardinet dedicates her weekly column «  At home with Biobble's founder, Alexandre Jardel. Find the article and interview in my Biobblesphere » by clicking here.

Le Monde / March 04, 2007


Jean-Michel Dumay mentions Biobble in his column on page 2 of Le Monde : «...we can make ourselves be seen. Which includes the possiblity to remain here for life. We can submit our biography next to Mr. & Mrs. Smith with the site dedicated to keeping your data forever. A virtual concession for life. In memoriam. In the eyes of others... »

Psychologie Magazine / March 01, 2007


Psychologie Magazine devotes a short article praising Biobble.

Le Courrier Picard - La Marseillaise / February 26, 2007


Frederic Ferrand writes an article on Biobble in his column «  What's new on the web? » This article has also been circulated in « le Courrier Picard » and « le Marseillaise ». The web has no shortage of ways to tell a life story. Be it blogs, forums or even mySpace. However nothing is guaranteed whether your digital track will remain. Biobble is able to do it... »

Bordeaux Magazine / December 01, 2006


Bordeaux Magazine published a profile on Alexandre Jardel in December, where he was questioned on Biobble. « It provides its customers with a tool-the Biobble website- to write about their lives or memories, and possibly others (teachers, students...) to do it for them. Assets of this tool includes; its ease from a technical and literal point of view, that has an advantage over blogs, the SEO and the sustainability especially » Click here to read this article in full.

TV7 / December 01, 2006


Alain Ribet gave us the honour of a documentary in the Ecobizz Magazine shown on TV7. An excellent documentary by Nicolas Forestier and Jean-Philippe Dejean where they reported on our concept and our new biographer service. You can view the report very shortly on our site, but in the meantime, you can find it in the programme archives.

L'Express / November 09, 2006


Catherine Robin discussed our concept in L'Express Mag of November 9th: «  to gain unlimited access for only 40€? The offer of the unprecedented Biobble...half diary/half personal and CV, this conservation of anonymous lives is principally a memory tool for future generations since each biography will exist forever in online limbo » To find...

France 2 - Telematin / July 21, 2006


Alexandre Jardel is invited by Laura Tenoudji to discuss the problems facing e-reputation and solutions which an e-portrait by Biobble can offer by creating and controlling your image online.

Micro Hebdo Ma vie, mon oeuvre / May 25, 2006


In his test of new sites in May 2006, Micro-Hebdo awarded us with an honorable mention. « It was not that long ago, our family history was still passed down by word of mouth: grand-parents told their life story to their grand-children. Today, there 's no more evenings infront of the fire, its on Biobble where the details of your life of loved ones will rest... »

Le Matin (Suisse) / May 19, 2006


Le matin bleu dedicated an article to Biobble in its May 19th edition. «  Biobble leaves a trace of our land, yes. But Where? On the net of course! » To read...

01net / April 19, 2006


Philippe Crouzillacq dedicates an article of Biobble in the business feature of O1 Net. « allows all internet users to lay out their lives online. No blog or personal website, this site is intended to be a 'virtual library of historical biographies'. It costs 40€ for a lifetime » To find this article...

L' / April 19, 2006


L' repeats Philippe Crouzillacq's article «  The idea is to put stories into the big picture, explains Alexandre Jardel founder of We're taking on the work of geneologists. But this service can also be used by job-seekers who wish to highlighgt different aspects of their personality or even for young parents who want to upload a 'book for life' for their children... »

Le Billautshow / April 11, 2006


Jean-Michel Billaut, founder of l'Atelier BNP Paribas, published an interview with Alexandre Jardel on his blog. To find the interview, click here.

M6 / March 17, 2006


A 6 minute report on Bordeaux was featured on Biobble with a guest appearance by one of our members: Mélanie Tesseron. To find the programme, click here. The report will soon be available from the Biobble site. / February 28, 2006


Biobble enlists for delivering their press releases. To find out more

Radio BFM / February 17, 2006


Alexandre Jardel was invited to Atelier Numérique along with Christophe Becker, President of Généanet. To find this programme, click here.

RTL 2 / February 06, 2006


Biobble was the focus of a short report on RTL2: Imagine a site completely dedicated to yourself! On it, you can put your own photos, ideas, experiences, even your family can leave you a message. It's basically a diary and a CV porfolio ».

ça m'intéresse / February 01, 2006


« Even anonymous people have a story to tell. For those who have always dreamed of having their biography in a Who's Who directory, Alexandre Jardel offers you Bibble... ». To find the rest of the article, click on the logo.

Objectif Aquitaine / February 01, 2006


« It was to allow individuals to easily write their memories and allow quick access to family history that Alexandre Jardel founded Biobble last July. Biobble is made up of six parts. A business card, where we note our coordinates; a chronological biography; an interview... » To find the rest of this article, click on the logo.

L'Oeil Laser / February 01, 2006


« Following the success of blogs and tv programmes where guests live life more so than their reality, the appeal of Biobble opens up two new expectations... ». To read the rest click here.

Le Parisien - Aujourd'hui en france / January 30, 2006


Julie Corre wrote a subject on Biobble in the economic supplement of Parisien et d'aujourd'hui en France: «  Writing down memories of history are nolonger reserved for large families. Everyone can now afford Biobble...upload a complete personal file...a much more effective service than that of our Anglo-Saxon rivals...Besides, older generations hoping to broadcast their life forever, this tool may interest fans of reality TV or completing job-seekers CVs.

Direct 8 / January 27, 2006


Alexandre Jardel was invited by Emma Adiei to appear on Direct 8's program « Boit de n'Huit » with rap group L'Skadrille and fashion designer Véronique Schopphoven.

CB News / January 16, 2006


Laurence Bordry, director of communication at Telecom Italia (Alice) discusses Biobble as his latest discovery on the web. To download the PDF, click on the logo.

Aquitaine Presse Service / January 13, 2006


Alexandre Jardel is a young Parisian, recently moved to Bordeaux where his great grand-father was a former shipowner. To read the rest click on the logo.

Microsoft - msn Finances / January 04, 2006


MSN Finances repeats Economie Matin's article. «  Is it an 'about me' website? Rather than a site list of Mr and Mrs Everyone's biographies? In any case, it's a new concept of web products: you write your own biography, with a chronology, interviews, pictures, CV, hobbies, subjects/crafts, children... » To find this article, click here.

Sud Radio / January 03, 2006


Gérard Clech presented a 10minute report on Biobble in Yann Hernandez's programme 'ça vient de sortir'.

Bordeaux Magazine / December 23, 2005


Life, artwork, internet...To download the PDF, click on the logo.

Radio BFM / December 19, 2005


On Tuesday 19th December, the young entrepreneur Alexandre Jardel was invited by Philippe Bloch. To find this interview, click here.

Économie Matin / November 28, 2005


Is it an 'about me' website? Rather than a site list of Mr and Mrs Everyone's biographies. In any case, it's a new concept of web products: you write your own biography, with a chronology, interviews, pictures, CV, hobbies, subjects/crafts, children and everything else. To read the rest, download the PDF by clicking on the logo or click here.

Paris Match / November 17, 2005


Searching for a special present, something meaningful for your family? Give them something timeless: the publication of their life in the world's first biography library. The clear choice is Biobble. To download the PDF, click on the logo.

Metro / November 10, 2005


Leave a permanent and indexed trace from one single virtual location, it's possible for a month on The idea came to Alex Jardel whilst he was struggling do research on his origins. To download the PDF, click on the logo.

Infrarouge / October 01, 2005


Our first publicity campaign.


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