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We would like to thank all the men and women, whom since 2005, have brought their active contribution to our adventure either by the mean of their interest, their support, their advice, or their involvement.

Our investors

Henry Rey - Alban Allard - Antoine Lacoste - Christophe Poupinel
Jean-François Poupinel - Olivier d'Aramon - François-Xavier Delmas
Guy de Soucy - Jean-Michel Noir - Nicolas Monnier - Antoine Clauzel

Our developers

Emmanuel Corpet (V1) - the Definima team (V3) : Charles Desobry,
Nicolas Darrieusset, Thierry Dauriac, Maxence Bitterli, Raphaël Pique,
Clément Badiola, Gilles Régnier et Gaëtan Cheval

Nos graphistes

Lionel Bui (V1) - the 'And company' team… (V3) : Crystal Harris, Eric Lamb,
Jackie Dubbins, Joshua Smith, Tom Schlange et Etienne Jardel


Jean-Etienne Durand, Wopata (cahier des charges V3)
Fabienne Walker (traduction V1) - Tom Whelan (traduction V3)
Philippe d'Aleman - Jérôme Leblanc-Barbedienne - Pierre Gramage -
Arnaud Corpet - Jean-Michel Billaut - Jean Rucheton - Charlotte Jardel
We would also like to thank all our interns and any other people whom we have forgotten to mention.

Alexandre Jardel
Founder of


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