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OUR Philosophy

We at Biobble believe that there is an abundance of experiences and stories, able to be shared whilst remaining intimate at the same time. This wealth of experiences, stories and lives can be found all over the world, on every street, in every town, in every country; wherever there are people, this resource is found. Yet this is an unharnessed wealth, an ignored abundance of precious experiences, which we aim to finally open to the world.

By creating your e-portrait today, you can control your e-reputation, tell your story, and thus pass on your personal and unique contribution to the rest of the world, and to even enrich the world's historical heritage.

Conserve your history for eternity

Each life is precious and full of unique memories and experiences. Our aim, now possible thanks to developments in computer science and the digitalization of the data, is to enable everyone to have his personal adventure preserved for eternity, on an equal footing with his contemporary celebrities. Everyone deserves and has the duty to leave a trail behind him, even possibly acting as a trail of breadcrumbs which others may follow.

Strengthen the intergenerational link

Modern life has broken up family units. Too often a lineage divides itself and the majority of pieces of the family history are lost in the process. Formerly, the history was transmitted by word of mouth, from father to son. Now, thanks to Biobble, your history can be transmitted with no distortion to your great-grandchildren and to their descendents.
Allow them to know and understand their roots, their genes, and their family saga.

Contribute to the preservation of historical heritage

When we talk about our ‘life’, it is always placed amongst the context of our surrounding environment, society and time period. Therefore when we write a ‘personal’ biography, we actually create a hugely important historical source which provides more insight into what life is like at that time, than anything else.
Thus with the creation of every e-portrait, we continue to enrich our knowledge of history from a different view of the world compared to the one written down in textbooks. It is a precious view of our evolution and our common history. The 2.0 history: the human adventure seen from the individual’s angle.


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