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Biobble proposes a triple guarantee : Technological, financial and moral.

Our technological guarantee :

We have chosen the company OVH to host our servers.
Created in 1999 and specialized in the high-tech end of Internet, notably in Web hosting security strategies, OVH has established itself as the leading French company in its field.
Your data is fully secured on our dedicated servers, which are stored in "white rooms" accessible only to specifically authorized personnel and monitored 24/7.
Automated back-ups are hosted in different geographical sites for the prevention of all incidents which enables the easy recovery of your data.

Moreover, Biobble has at its disposal an autonomous redundant service of daily data backup of all information on its servers.
This process generates physical copies of the Biobble library, and such on two continents, on external hard drives totally independent of the network.
Even in the event of unforeseeable and total destruction of the servers hosted by OVH, your data is safeguarded.

Our financial guarantee :

An economic model that's simple and durable, based on the mutualization of data storage and consolidated sales figures which allows BIOBBLE to preserve your data for future generations, as no living being could do.

Our moral guarantee :

In the event of network failure or outage, of temporary or definitive interruption of our Internet consultation services, or such other events beyond our control, the biobbles will remain available at your request, either by e-mail or by postal mail. With Biobble, our commitment to run a reduced service is a reality.


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