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Give your opinion on the biobbles  
Export the contents to other sites (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, etc.)  
Life-time help
Eternity help - -
Writing, Publication and Managing of the Accounts
Unlimited modifications help
Download your e-portrait in PDF A5 size (coming soon) help
Display external media (youtube, flicker, twitter ...) help
Multilingual help -
Manage multiple e-portraits from one account help - -
Disable advertising on your biobble help - -
Disable voting on your e-portrait help - -
Personalised URL help
Private URL (e.g. help - -
Rename tabs help -
Add-on tabs (e.g. elements) help -
Install third party apps help -
Minimum Biobble branding via private URL help - -
Capacity to host media
Maximum number of photos help 15 50 50
Provide downloadable attachments help - -
Protection of Contents
Limited to family, friends and favourites help
Restrict access by use of a password help -
Delayed publication (up to 150 years) help - -
Statistics for visits and votes
Dashboard/ Newsletter
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Advanced - -
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