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Maureen Quinlan

Biobble Biographer Perpetual preservation

Maureen Quinlan

Writer - English teacher

Official Biobble Biographer

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8, rue des Farges
63400 Chamalieres

Maureen Quinlan
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My biographical approach

Maureen has been selected to join our team of Official Biobble Biographers and, as a professional writer, can undertake the writing of your memoirs.

For nearly eight years, Maureen interviewed some of the most famous American journalists of our times, including Garrison Keillor and Art Buchwald. Through years of experience interviewing and writing personal essays about her subjects, Maureen has developed the ability to make the interviewee feel at comfortable and craft her writing to reflect the subjects' own personal style.

She quickly identifies the most interesting parts of your narrative and creates an interesting biography that will sums up your life and personality. Through her clear and unadorned language, your biography will communicate facts in a way that is never dull or generic. When you read your Biobble, you'll be surprised at how accurately she can portray who you truly are.

Maureen begins work on each subject with a short telephone interview, to establish your expectations from the finished work and to get a sense of your narrative voice. She then follows-up with a more in-depth interview to finalize the facts. You will be a part of the process every step of the way and will have complete control over which material is included in the final Biobble memoir.


Performance process

Rate : € 200,00 Commander
My location : Chamalieres, France

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