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Seth Linder

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Seth Linder


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A creative writer, journalist and copywriter based in Northern Ireland, Seth was born and raised in London.

27 Bridge Street, Rostrevor, Co Down
BT343BG Rostrevor

Seth Linder
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My biographical approach

Seth has recently joined our team of official Biobble biographers. Over the years he has interviewed literally hundreds of people, ranging from famous actors and musicians to community workers and businessmen for all kinds of outlets, including major newspapers and magazines and websites. As a creative writer, as well as a journalist, his skill is in writing in the voice of the person he is portraying or interviewing.

His forte is to find the essence of what makes someone tick and to recreate their personality in the biography, whether it’s a company chairman wanting to convey the ethos of his firm or someone wishing to encapsulate what it is about their life that matters to them. Empathy is the key.

His approach would involve an initial call to discuss which aspects of their lives/careers the subject wishes to emphasise and then a meeting/ extended phone conversation to interview the subject in depth. The biography could then be refined over as many drafts as it takes via email. He can cover all of Northern Ireland and much of the Republic of Ireland if personal meetings are preferred to the phone, though an extra fee would need to be agreed if extensive travelling were needed.

He can supply examples of his work on request.



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Rate : € 150,00 Commander
My location : Rostrevor, Royaume-Uni

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