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Seth Linder

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Seth Linder


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A creative writer, journalist and copywriter based in Northern Ireland, Seth was born and raised in London.

27 Bridge Street, Rostrevor, Co Down
BT343BG Rostrevor

Seth Linder
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1955 - 1966
Birth and early years

July 30th 1955

Seth is born in London to English film agent and Leslie Linder and Australian actress Dorothy Linder (Dickson).  His sisters Elissa and Dixie will arrive in 1960 and 1963 respectively.

July 29th 1966

At the tender age of eleven, Seth reaches the pinnacle of his life, invited to dinner with the England World Cup squad the evening before the World Cup Final. He meets the manager, Alf Ramsay, and sits between Bobby Charlton and Nobby Stiles, who play for his favourite team, Manchester United, at the meal. After dinner captain Bobby Moore gets the autographs of all the players signed on a photo of the team. Learning it is Seth’s birthday the next day he promises to win the World Cup as a present.

July 30th 1966

Seth is at Wembley to see England win the World Cup. Bobby Moore kindly receives his birthday present for him in front of 100,000 people. From this point life will be largely downhill.

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1973 - 1978
Education and a mysterious decision

June 1973

Seth leaves school with two A-Levels and little idea of where he wants to go in life. First stop is Hamish Hamilton Publishers, second, more glamorously, is Warner Brother Records, where he quickly gravitates from post room to press office. Having established himself in his ideal job at the company which features all his favourite artists, he decides to leave for university. It is a mysterious decision.

October 1975

Advised by a friend that, with a mere two A-Levels it is best when applying to university to put down Philosophy and change to his desired English (at this stage Seth has a vague awareness he wishes to write) after arrival, Seth discovers to his horror, that this will not be possible. He is therefore compelled to take an entire philosophy degree at the University of Kent at Canterbury. During holidays (and often term time) he returns to London to work a journalist on music publications and enjoy London’s thriving pub rock scene.

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1978 - 1980
False start and a sojourn to Australia

June 1978

In the same year Seth graduates with a BA in Philosophy he also achieves a lifetime ambition to see the Grateful Dead in San Francisco. On his return to London he begins a career in journalism at Practical Caravan magazine at Haymarket Publishing.

July 1980

Seth ends a career in journalism at Practical Caravan, having developed a lifelong antipathy to caravans, and decides to follow in the footsteps of his ancestors and emigrate to Australia. It’s a strange time. He writes a long novel, which will find future use as a doorstep, and travels the country taking on a variety of jobs. No light shines in terms of a career though and eventually he returns to London.

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1985 - 1990
Marriage, fatherhood and direction

October 1985

London seems grey, old and tired on his return. Yet also strangely familiar and welcoming. It has also been changed dramatically by six years of Thatcherism. A brief but intense period of politicisation affects Seth. He becomes secretary of his local Labour Party branch and gives up holidays (he is now working as a script editor) to campaign in the 1987 election. The Tories romp home locally and nationally and a period of disillusion with politics follows. It has yet to end.

April 1987

A long interest in Irish history, literature and culture leads, inevitably, to a nearby Irish pub. Here, a talk by a relative of one of the Guildford Four, wrongly convicted for two bombings during the IRA campaign in London, will change his life. He helps start a group that will focus on helping this and similar miscarriage cases where he meets his future wife Deirdre, mother of five-year-old Conor. She is an hour early for their first date and will thereafter always be late. Seth develops an understanding of Irish time.

September 1989

Seth and Deirdre marry and set off on a nearly fatal honeymoon to Transylvania, shortly before the demise of Rumanian dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu. The people are overwhelmingly friendly but conditions are appalling and they see beautiful medieval villages being destroyed. They are nearly killed when the brakes on their hired car fail as wooden barriers on a railway crossroads start to rise ahead. Miraculously, the barriers rise just as they are about to crash. In this year the Guildford Four are released, followed two years later by the Birmingham Six. The Berlin Wall comes down. The Ceausescus are deposed. The next year Mandela is released. It is a time of hope.


Seth and Deirdre’s first daughter, Ciara, is born, followed by Saoirse eighteen months later. These are the true highlights of his life.

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1992 - 2005
Work, family life and Ireland


Seth has now established himself as a freelance journalist and over the succeeding years will write features for most national newspapers in the UK and Ireland and many magazines. These will include several cover stories but the feature which will have most impact is an interview with Paddy Hill of the Birmingham Six for the Irish Times. It is the first to reveal that release from prison, with a few pounds in their pocket and no support or counselling, is only the start of a nightmare for miscarriage victims. It causes a furore in Ireland with Paddy Hill flown to Dublin for radio and television interviews. Seth writes about several other miscarriage cases, most notably the Bridgewater Four for whom he and Deirdre also campaign. He also writes on trauma clinics in Belfast, the work of the Aga Khan Foundation in Northern Pakistan and an extraordinary story of reincarnation and begins to specialise in travel features.


Seth begins his ideal job, editing the Buzz magazine for Guinness (published by Axon Publishing). Aimed at the burgeoning numbers of Irish pubs around the world (which are doubling global sales of Guinness) it covers Irish arts, film, music, sport and food, as well as profiling Irish pubs and issues of interest to them. In 2001 Seth is runner up in the APA Editor of the Year awards for the Buzz.


Seth, Deirdre and family move from London to the village of Rostrevor in Northern Ireland, just across the Lough from Deirdre’s home town of Carlingford in the South. Seth continues to edit the Buzz and work as a freelance journalist though he will gradually take on more copywriting work, becoming a specialist in Irish, and specifically Belfast, tourism.


Having followed up an interest in an international bestseller by author Shirley Harrison on the discovery of an alleged diary by Jack the Ripper, Seth writes his first non-fiction book, Ripper Diary – the Inside Story, working with researchers Caroline Morris and Keith Skinner (whose involvement in the original book provided the impetus for the book and much of its material). A year of research and writing results in the book’s publication, by historical specialists, Sutton Publishing, in July of 2003.


Over the next few years Seth follows up his main love, creative writing, with television dramas for the BBC and several film commissions. Having already adapted The Crystal Book (released in 1993), he writes Matter of Time and adapts Dirty Book, based on Wolf Mankowitz’s script of the trial of James Joyce’s Ulysses, among other projects.

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2008 - 2010


After two years receiving spiritual direction, Seth, previously an agnostic, is baptised at the Benedictine monastery of Holy Cross in Rostrevor in an Easter Vigil ceremony where he also receives his first communion and confirmation and renews his marriage vows with Deirdre in a moving and very spiritual ceremony. She is late.The monks came from the Abbey of Bec in Normandy to set up the first new Benedictine monastery in Northern Ireland for 800 years. Their mission is to reconcile Christians of all denominations Northern Ireland and Protestants and Catholics worship together here.


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2010 - 2010


Seth combines various loves – creative writing, history and food – to write a dramatised food tour of Belfast, based on the character of Barney a chef from Titanic for Kabosh theatre company. A tourism first it’s a rousing success and is re-booked for the next three years. As his children begin to leave the nest, Seth looks to intensify his creative writing. To be continued.

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