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How do you create, edit or modify your Biobble?
Referencing and Search Engines


How do I edit or modify photos?
How do I edit or modify my dossiers?
About publish/unpublish
How can I edit or modify my interview?
How can I edit or modify my visit card?
How can I edit or modify my biography
What is referencing? What's the point?
How can I improve my online visibility?

How do you create, edit or modify your Biobble?

How do I edit or modify photos?


There is nothing easier than setting up your biobble with all your favourite photos!

Here are some simple instructions to edit the photos section (In My Biobble):

1: Start by clicking 'Manage Photos'.

2: Then 'Upload a new picture'.

3. If necessary, add a title, description and a classification.

4. Make sure to state a preference over whether the photo is visible by everyone, just friends, just family or just your selected favourites.

5. Choose a photo from your computer. To do so click 'Browse' or 'Parcourir' if our French influence imposes itself on your page as it likes to do from time to time!!

6. (Optional) Select key works to optomise the referencing capability of your images on Google.

7. A window should open. Locate and select the chosen photo and click "Save" or "Upload". The photo should appear on the left of the window.

8. Click "Upload a new picture" again to relaunch the process and upload more photos to biobble.

Warning: Make sure that you do not upload photos of which you do not own the rights or of which the content conflicts with the general use of the site. If these rules are not adhered to, reserves the right to delete the images in question and temporarily or permanently suspend your account. You remain however 100% responsible for the content that you upload via your biobble in case of any breaching of the law.

How do I edit or modify my dossiers?

Nothing could be easier than sharing our passions, works and opinions on Biobble!

Here are some simple instructions on how to edit the Dossier section.

1. Click 'Add a dossier'.

2. Choose the dossier title.

3. Write a hook or brief summary of what will be presented in the dossier.

4. Write the text of your dossier. Don't hesitate to put the most important parts in bold, to underline the titles of the sections or to put quotations in italics. You could also create links to other internet pages. To do this, highlight the words that you wish to use for the link and click on the chain in the editing menu, then write the URL in the provided field. If you so desire, click "open in a new window" so that your visiter remains on your page as well as opening the link.

5. (Optional) Add some key words to improve the referencing power of your dossier online, by clicking on "Editor".

6. Click "Add a picture/video" to chose one of many photos (from your albums) to illustrate the dossier. These images must already have been added to your Biobble in the "Photos" section.

7. Click on 'Save/Upload" to save your changes.

Warning: As a general rule and without official ownership of rights, it is prohibited to replicate or use images or texts belonging to others. If you are using available resources on the internet in order to document yourself, or create images, cite your sources - this is part of the internet politesse!

About publish/unpublish

Publish : Makes the content accessible for authorized visitors (depending on your privacy settings)

Unpublish : The content is put off-line but remain accessible for the author

How can I edit or modify my interview?

It is very simple to answer the questions of your first Biobble interview! Here are some simple instructions for editting the Interview section:

1. Start by clicking "Add an interview".

2. Fill in the date, title and description of the interview.

3. You will be presented with a new window. Select the question to which you would like to respond with the help of a drop-down list.

4. Direct your response to its corresponding field.

5. Click "Add to the current interview" to respond to an extra question (The previous question and answer are then automatically saved!) Then repeat this procedure as many times as necessary, up to 30 questions.

6. When you are satisfied with your interview click "save changes".

Advice: If you use your Biobble professionally, it might be interesting to focus your interview around your activity, by directing questions to yourself in order to emphasise your knowledge and expertise.

How can I edit or modify my visit card?

It is very simple: here are some instructions...

1. Click 'Edit' above your profile picture.

2. Fill in the obligatory information - In the 'Visit Card' part you give your name and date of birth. The bits in a blue background will be on your About section of the biobble. The following information will not be visible on the site - Email address, Postal address, telephone number - without your explicit consent (see general conditions).

2. Fill in the other columns at your convenience. Only communicate information that you want to make public on the site.

3. If you write a blog or you have a professional site, don't forget to attach a link to the homepage of your account with a title. You will improve your site's popularity.

4. Choose a profile photo to illustrate your visit card. The photo must already be in your biobble albums.

5. In the 'Preferences' section, to receive great promotional offers and purchases, tick the box "Agree to receive offers from partners."

6. If you would like for us to talk about you in the media, tick "Agree for my content to be used in BiobbleMag."

7. Don't forget to save your changes by clicking 'Save' at the bottom of the page.

How can I edit or modify my biography

1. Click 'edit the title of my biography' and choose a title -  i.e. My life, my work, my adventures, my journal, official biography of so and so...

2. Click 'Add an event'

3. Determine the date of the event that you are going to recount. You can choose a precise date or an approximate period - 1985 or May 1985 or 15 May 1985 or from June 1985 to April 1987.

4. Compose your text.

5. (Optional) Choose key words to improve the strength of your online referencing, in search engines etc...

6. When you have finished click "Add". Your story will be saved and directly published in your Biobble.

7. Then click 'Add an event' again to write about another period of your life.

Important Warning: As soon as you click  "Add", the dates that you composed or changed are automatically classed in chronological order.


Referencing and Search Engines

What is referencing? What's the point?

To be well referenced online signifies that your page appears well placed in the results of search engines. If you are well referenced and somebody types your name (or one of the key words) in google, a link to your biobble will appear at the top of the search results. Different tools such as the key words, titles ou your personal URL can enable you to enhance your reference strength. Therefore you will be more accessible and visible on the internet.

One of the best ways of improving and mastering your referencing (the recogniton of your name on a search engine) is to possess a private URL containing your name such as The Premium Members benefit from the private URL of their choice. If you would like to benefit from a private URL, go to the SHOP and select the subscripton to the Premium Services (only 35€ per year!)

How can I improve my online visibility?

Choose the way in which you want to improve your referencing: By default use your name, although that could equally be your profession or artistic activity. You just have to define your personal key words.

The referencing can focus on your name or several functional terms in the same way. But it will be much easier to find you on the first page of a seatch engine from your name than classed in the top positions under, for example, 'karate teacher'. That's right, you're not the only karate teacher!

Here are the ground rules of your name referencing...

1. Repeat your name several times on your biobble - the biography title should be "The story of so and so" rather than just "My story" - if your biography is composed in the 3rd person, don't hesistate to repeat your name in the biography as well as on photos.

2. Opt for a private URL (internet address): (this option is available from the SHOP - Premium Services.)

3. Subscribe your biobble to directories, as an email signature, in other site profiles such as Viadeo, Facebook, Myspace, Flick'r, Youtube, Twitter...

4. Regularly add new content to the biobble. Update it with new events, news, photos and videos...

5. Improve the general referencing of your content by systematically filling in the key words field.



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