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Biobble : An e-portrait for controlling your image on the web

Biobble allows you to publish an e-portrait for free. This personal website is a place where you can say who you are; your personality, your achievements, your experiences and it also could work as an expanded business card too. Each e-portrait put online can contain a biography, interviews, anecdotes, quotes, photos, videos, and other documents. The e-portraits, either personal or professional, can be easily shared with either every internet user or just specific people of your choice.

Biobble addresses the whole world: the middle and younger generations have a chance to promote their image on the web, controlling it and their reputation at the same time. The older generations can also use it to show their personal and family history to their friends, family and also leave it for future generations.

Artists, writers, freelance, employers, graduates, job recruiters, grand-parents etc. all have a good reason for creating a Biobble e-portrait.

more about the philosophy of our service

1) Creating your e-portrait on the Internet

Are you interested in controlling the information you can find about yourself on the web? 75% of web users ‘Google someone’ occasionally, for many different reasons both personal and professional. With Biobble you have the chance, for free, to create a practical, timeless, yet attractive e-portrait which will appear on Search Engines like Google, and it will become your ‘shop window’, thus managing your image on the web.

Social networks have invaded our privacy but your e-portrait enables you to write your account, to improve your image on the web and to create the best presentation of yourself!

2) Leaving your story for eternity

Biobble conserves, for free, for life, the e-portraits published by its members. It is therefore the best solution to acquire a personal website without having to pay hosting fees. The only condition for the e-portrait to be conserved is that you must log in at least twice a year.

With the ‘Infinite Option’, Biobble offers to perpetually preserve the e-portrait of members who wish to be reassured that their story will remain for posterity. This option guarantees that these members’ personal and family history will be preserved and freely accessible for future generations to view.

3) Benefitting from a personal URL

The best way to fully control you image on the Internet, is to have your own personal URL*. Due to this, Biobble members with the ‘Premium Account’ can choose their own web address (e.g. Biobble handles the URL reservation process and the linking of it to the e-portrait. The address is easily memorable and could be used on a business card and on an email.

Furthermore, when a person accesses your e-portrait through your personal URL*, it is displayed with minimum Biobble branding with only ‘Powered by Biobble’ being present at the top of the screen, thus transforming it into a personal website.

*URL= website address

4) You don’t have to be a techno-whiz!

Thanks to Biobble, the creation of your e-portrait enables you to control your image on the web with ease. We have done everything possible to simplify the process of creating your personal website, and it takes about 5 minutes to create whilst receiving guidance throughout the process.

Our e-portrait template allows anyone with even no techno-ability to create a personal website in an instant without any commitments or fees - it’s as easy as ABC! With the ‘Premium Account’ your e-portrait is automatically accessible from the URL of your choice. With the ‘Infinite Option’ we secure your data and guarantee its perpetual hosting (i.e. your e-portrait will remain on the web for eternity). With the ‘Biobble VIP Service’ we can even provide you with a certified biographer who will take care of writing and publishing your e-portrait (whether it is for a professional of personal use).

5. Gaining visibility whilst protecting your privacy

Do you want to appear at the top of Google Search results? By default, all the e-portraits are automatically indexed and listed on major search engines and are fully accessible without the need for being a member therefore it is excellent for gaining greater visibility on the web. However if you want to have you privacy protected, Biobble makes it very easy for you to choose who is able to access your e-portrait, and to even be able to specify for each section how much is accessible and to whom (e.g. for each date in you biography, you can restrict/allow access to whom you like).

With a ‘Classic Account’, for free you can allow either anyone or just friends, and/or family and/or favourite people, to access your e-portrait. Again this is possibly for either each element or just to the whole e-portrait.

With a ‘Premium Account’ you can have further protection by being able to employ a password to certain elements.

With the ‘Infinite Option’ you may choose the publication date for your e-portrait which will only be accessible from that point (e.g. that date could be tomorrow, in a month or at the maximum of 150 years).

With Biobble you control both your image and your audience.

6. Print a booklet out of your e-portrait

If you wish to preserve your e-portrait in a solid format, you can do so with the production of an A5 cover-bound book. With Biobble this process is easy and inexpensive. The ‘Prestige Book’, allows you to print all* the information of your e-portrait; your biography, anecdotes, quotes, interviews, photos etc. into a well-made, elegant book, for your bookshelf.

*with the exception of videos

7. A unique and eternal gift

Are you looking for a symbolic and original idea for a present for Christmas, a Birthday or a special event? Biobble might have the ideal gift for you; offering the ‘Biobble VIP Service’ which not only includes the services of a certified biographer but also the writing, publishing and perpetual preservation of the e-portrait (‘Infinite Option’).

It is the perfect gift for grandparents, for retirement, or for someone who needs to advertise their business/services on the internet (e.g. a freelance photographer, painter, interior designer, craftsmen, plumber, independent salesmen, or any other person who would benefit from greater visibility on the largest network that exists).

8. Discover Biobble Mag!

Are you tired of always surfing on the same sites and reading about the same things? Biobble suggest that you should try the Biobble Mag, an entertaining e-magazine, which is both funny and informative, featuring the best content on the site. From moving lives to weird anecdotes, exclusive interviews to mottos, photos and videos of both members and famous figures. Biobble leaves you to discover the rest, their lives and experiences, from the unique individual stories to the history of our society and mankind.

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