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A way to pass on your memoirs to posterity

Date of release : July 10th, 2006

pass on your memoirs to posterity

The will to protect and preserve the family legacy and leave a faithful and enduring testimony of one's personal trace to one's descendants, leads many seniors to wishing to impart their memoirs to preserve :

-The most significant stages of their life and evolution as a being,
-The testimony of an era they lived in and the events that have had most impact upon them,
-Their wealth of experiences and knowledge acquired, as a legacy to future generations.

When we enjoy life, we savor every moment past or present and precious memories of events that have punctuated its path. And then we go farther and take a step back in time, because sooner or later comes the wish to know our origins, learn from whom we acquired such or other character traits or ambition, why is the family home located here rather than there. To turn the pages of memories is not only to rediscover our ancestry, to author one's own saga ; it also implies personal uplifting enlightenment.

In creating BIOBBLE, Alexandre Jardel, former Director of Marketing Communications has succeeded in making available to seniors the ideal two-in-one tool that allows them to submit their memoirs and assure the perpetual preservation of their data.

The BIOBBLE concept provides a key-in-hand response to expectations and needs of each and everyone : ease of use, ready-made forms to facilitate authoring, choice of which information to publish as well as who may consult them, plus choice of publication date, and perpetual preservation on all media, indexed by search engines, with permanent Internet access, all for a small initial cost.

The ability to submit handwritten manuscripts* for publication, without needing any computer literacy, makes of Biobble a fully accessible concept for seniors, who will of course receive an elegantly printed rendering of their saga. "We all have a personal history filled with unique experiences and BIOBBLE will very soon become an automatism fit for all" anticipates Alexandre Jardel, thus demonstrating absolute faith in a future trend. "Seniors guide our path, let's uphold it !"

*This feature will soon be available in english


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