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Offer yourself the services of an official Biobble Biographer who will write down and publish your personal or professional e-portrait.

The service of a Biobble VIP Biographer is the "red carpet" solution for creating your e-portrait Biobble. It is ideal for those who either lack time, struggle with starting their e-portrait, or who want to offer their relatives a symbolic gift.

With Biobble VIP you gain the services of a dedicated and certified biographer who will write your e-portrait, achieving the best results whilst remaining true to your expectations and demands.

The Infinite option is included in the price of the service. Your e-portrait is thus conserved perpetually for no extra fee.

How to do?

1° Choose your Biographer.
Biobble enables you to choose the Biographer you want, according to your expectations.
Thanks to our 'Biographers' browser, you can see all those who are available in your area and make up your mind on which one you would like to have, depending on their style, personality and modus operandi.

2° Book the biographer on our secure interface.
You'll receive a confirmation email, including your order reference and the telephone number of the Biographer so you can fix a date for the interview, which will take place either at home or in a place of your choice.

3° Meet your Biographer face-to-face and they will guide you through the process.
Along the interview(s), they will combine your personality and your expectations and will collect all the information needed for the writing and creation of a high quality biographical or professional e-portrait.

4° Supervise the writing of your e-portrait.
The Biographer writes your life down according to your wishes: the biography, the interview and all the content you requested (anecdotes, favorite quotes, dossiers about your passions, etc.). They then illustrate it with the pictures you provided. 96 hours after the last interview, the Biographer will show you their work so you can read it and check for any forgotten information or incorrect subject matter.
During the writing stage, you are the only one to have access to their work and your e-portrait will not be published until you seen the finished version.

5° Control the publication
On your approval, the Biographer publishes your e-portrait. It will then take about 15 days for it to be indexed by search engines.
Of course, you can choose to protect your e-portrait or just certain contents of it with a password. This allows it to be accessible to only your family or your friends.
You can also choose the publication date of your biobble: for your birthday, in 2 years, 15 years, 50 years... until 150 years after the writing is completed.

About our biographers:

Our Biographers have been selected to guarantee a dedicated, personalised service and the production of high quality e-portraits.
All have been assessed to make sure that only ones known for their dedication, excellent writing abilities and style are employed.
With equal importance they will maintain complete discretion and confidentiality throughout the process.

Results per page :

Fanny Marciano Fanny Marciano
Unknown Read More

Laurent Grima Laurent Grima
Biographe Officiel Biobble VIP
Je suis éducateur spécialisé et écrivain. Educateur spécialisé par amo...
€ 200,00 Read More

Marie-Eve Brochu Marie-Eve Brochu
Écrivain public / biographe
Je suis Marie-Eve Brochu, Québécoise, diplômée en journalisme (Uni...
€ 200,00 Read More

Alessandro Di Giuseppe Alessandro Di Giuseppe
Biographe Biobble Vip
J'ai toujours aimé écrire, et toujours aimé rencontrer des gens. Ce n'...
€ 200,00 Read More

Julie Chaudier Julie Chaudier
écriture polymorphe
Je vis dans les Bouches du Rhône et j'ai réalisé un cursus universitai...
€ 200,00 Read More

Caroline Fabre Falret Caroline Fabre Falret
Biographe officiel Biobble VIP
Faire parler les gens, les interroger, les comprendre m\'a toujour...
€ 220,00 Read More

David Giason David Giason
Auteur/Journaliste et biographe Biobble VIP
Au cas par cas ; y a-t-il une autre méthode pour rédiger une bonne bio...
€ 200,00 Read More

Biographe Biobble VIP
Le goût de l'écriture m'a toujours accompagnée, remonte à l'enfance pu...
€ 200,00 Read More

Françoise Le Brun Françoise Le Brun
Biographe Biobble VIP
On a beaucoup parlé des évènements de mai 1968: les idées, les princip...
€ 200,00 Read More

Thibault Boixière Thibault Boixière
Biographe Biobble VIP
€ 200,00 Read More

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