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Andrew Gold

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Andrew Gold

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I have just finished my studies, and am looking at several potential career categories such as Book or Magazine Publishing, Brand Marketing and Digital Marketing.

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The Gold Chronicles

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September 2007 - May 27, 2011
The University Years

My life at Leeds was very exciting since it was the first time that I had lived away from home. There had been trips such as a month in South Africa with my primary school, and another month spent in Israel, but never anything so independent. I was on my own - manually scrubbing plates and washing clothes!

I made many friends in my first year, several of which I am sure will be life-long friendships, although the literature did nothing to inspire me. Well, it wasn't exactly the fault of the literature, but more the concept of socialising rather than studying in what is called 'Fresher's Year'. Hence I was a Fresher and did not like the sound of Virginia Woolf and William Shakespeare. My second year I was slightly more involved as the work became important to my degree.

The subsequent year I took part in a study abroad Erasmus year in Montpellier, France. It was here that I learned fluent French and met my current girlfriend Sara, who helps me a lot with my language skils. This year opened my mind to the sense of liberty that accompanies a new language as it allows access to an entire new culture. I spent the entire Summer there, and only returned to England in time for my final year of studies at Leeds.

It finally began to click and I was empassioned by my studies.

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