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Andrew Gold

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Andrew Gold

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I have just finished my studies, and am looking at several potential career categories such as Book or Magazine Publishing, Brand Marketing and Digital Marketing.

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March 21, 1989 - 1998

I grew up in a moderately sized house in Elstree, a relatively peaceful suburb of London. My parents, Neil and Alison Gold, supplied me with anything that I needed without spoiling me. Even though they would later divorce, the atmosphere within the home was relaxed and cheerful. The other inhabitants included my brother Michael, 3 years younger than me, and of course the family dog who was held extremely highly in our collective esteem!

1998 - 2007
School Years

Although I began school several years earlier, 1998 marks the year in which our family moved to Watford. It is only 10 minutes from our previous home in Elstree but a very different experience due to the divorce of my parents. I am grateful that, to this day, they have remained in contact and have an amicable relationship.

However, this meant that my brother and I would live with our mother while spending time with our father on weekends, as well as the occasional visit on Wednesday evenings. The biggest tragedy to behold our family in this time period was the death of our family dog, Lilly. Otherwise I have nothing but a decade's worth of fond memories.

I attended Merchant Taylor's School where they put an enormous amount of pressure on pupils. Consequently, they have no choice but to succeed. Fortunately, I eventually fitted this disciplinarian approach, and was conditionally invited to study English Literature at The University of Leeds, dependant on A-Level results. At the time, the School of English was rated as one of the top 5 of its subject in the country, so I considered the invitation an honour and set about working. Ultimately my results sufficed, as I managed As in English and Maths and a C in French. I also participated in the Advanced Extension Award English examination, earning a Distinction for my efforts. This placed me in the highest percentile of Englsh students in the country, and is something of which I am extremely proud.

And so began my University Experience...

Meanwhile : Northern Ireland Peace process ...more more
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