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Seth Linder
Seth Linder
Seth has recently joined our team of official Biobble biographers. Over th... plus more

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Willis Lynda
Marketing Consultant
Born on 8th July 1965 in Enniskillen, I was the third child (but first daug... more more
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Andrew Gold
I grew up in a moderately sized house in Elstree, a relatively peaceful sub... more more

Ronald Murphy
Take up ice hockey, a sport which is very popular all over Canada. more more
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Our Idea
Professsional e-portraits
Special Promotion - June 2011:

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Biobble is an innovative new site that allows you to publish an e-portrait for free. You can include videos, work, life stories and much more. It is also useful as an expanded business card. It can remain private and personal or public and professional - it is your space in which to do as you please.

You're welcome to have a look at detailed bios from the likes of recent graduate Andrew Gold, Australian artist Sue Cannon, the Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg or even Emmanuel Marchant, the Vice-President of Danone Communities.

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